About Us

 My passion to help others allowed me to reinvented myself as a business man. Although I knew nothing about the dynamics of business, the joy seeing customers benefit from my products brought me immeasurable levels of euphoric satisfaction that pushed me to continue past difficult times. Through working diligently and dedicating my resources into my brand, it shortly became apparent that hard work alone was not enough to achieve success in the long run. We must learn to be efficient with time and communicate with customers in bring the product of ultimate satisfaction. My unwavering pride comes from my ethnic background as a Native American and I firmly believe that neither gender or ethnicity can limit our potential as humans to find our destined purpose. My brand is committed to erasing the gap in ethnical injustices through positivity and motivational actions. ALL IN! 

Our Policies


MTN ships via USPS. Orders will be shipped within 3 business days of when the order is placed for in stock items. Shipping costs will be added to the invoice and goes by weight of the item. Insurance is not included in the quote unless specifically requested prior to payment. MTN does not assume responsibility once orders have been shipped from our facility. 


MTN does not offer returns or refunds unless there is a defect of product or error on our part. It must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise. This will allow plenty of time for the items to have been looked over.